The Path To Real Passive Income And Financial Freedom

Everyone wants to make passive income. It’s a main reason behind building an online business. Passive income allows you to create financial freedom and allows you to do what you want, when you want. This lesson I’ll walk you through the process and get you closer to your dream life.

Questions I Answered During The Q&A

(0:37:42) I'm a newbie in passive income and I would like to start with $100/day as soon as possible. I am thinking about creating a Youtube channel with Fortnite videos. What is your recommendation?
(0:42:44) Advice on selling online on the Portuguese market
(0:48:39) What business model would you recommend for a complete beginner with no particular experience or preferences?
(0:55:56) Which one is best, Singapore or Malaysia, for payment gateway?
(1:01:14) How did you hire your team full time?
(1:02:52) I'm too busy. If I try to hire someone, it will take my time and lose my working time. Any suggestions?
(1:04:45) How do you keep your ideas in mind when you record a 60-minute video?
(1:13:44) I've been trying to promote your Morning Ritual Mastery course to my email list but no one has bought so far. How can I pinpoint the problem?
(1:21:53) I want to help younger people find their destiny. What do you think about that niche?
(1:24:12) What recommendations do you have for 20-year old university student who wants to build a brand or working and studying full time?
(1:28:50) To clarify affiliate marketing, would you suggest creating multiple sites with branding? Or is it more about creating a basic site?
(1:30:34) What is the best way to take your expertise to create or format it into a course? Is there a platform that you would recommend for hosting a course?