The Fastest Way To Grow And Scale Your Online Business

This session, Stefan shares with you the fastest way to grow and scale your online business. Hard work is something we need to have as a foundation of success, but what will take us to the next level is working smart. It is important to know the actions that you can do in your business that will help you grow much faster.

Resources Mentioned In This Lesson

Questions I Answered During The Q&A

(0:46:08) Do you ever have concerns around scrubbing metadata?
(0:47:30) I'm struggling to wake up early and stay up late. Any advice for this?
(0:52:24) Do you have some insight on what niches are the most profitable for copywriters?
(0:58:00) I am launching a baby product on Amazon and have been following a Youtube family with quints. I am sending them 5 of my products. I don't always like how they present 'ads' straight forward. I think I would like to start as sending them as a gift and see what happens and if they share it. Should I go more straight forward and ask for the ad or send as a gift and see what happens?
(0:59:56) When outsourcing to a virtual assistant for the first time, any tips for calculating the amount of time required for promotion, social media management activities?
(1:03:43) Is it feasible to create a mastermind with 16 plus people and give them all the time for hot seat and feedback?
(1:05:16) I'm 5 months in the process of building my online business as a work-life balance coach. Also, I'm 25 and doing a bachelor degree in Psychology. Is it okay to quit university now?
(1:13:31) I already had handmade accessories for the product made for these quints. For other YouTubers I will make an agreement ahead of time. How could I approach asking for a share? I have an idea to collaborate with the mother and have her make some exclusive video courses about baby sleep. What can I offer her? Setting up marketing for her course? Help her formulate? Setting up webinars where I host and she's the expert?
(1:16:53) What would your advice be if looking to build up status as influencer. Use personal name, or brand name and how to balance using brand and personal name?
(1:20:19) I noticed that about 50% of the people who subscribed to my email list don't confirm their subscription. Do you think I should disable confirmed opt-in even though this might lead to less committed subscribers?
(1:23:29) How do you go about creating a marketing strategy from scratch?
(1:25:21) What programs or softwares do you use to manage marketing, publishing and posting?
(1:27:27) What is the best way to create multi-lingual content on my website?
(1:30:41) What is your favorite product research strategy for Amazon FBA?
(1:34:46) If I don't want my face and name in the business, then how can I make my Facebook page and website as relatable as possible?
(1:37:26) Morning time is the best to work on my business. On the other hand there is my morning ritual that I don't want to stop. What do you recommend? How do you manage this common problem for yourself?
(1:39:08) Can we be affiliates of your bonuses?
(1:41:13) What tells you to stay or leave a relationship. How would you deal with the decision of becoming a father?
(1:44:41) Would you say the number one most important thing that prevented you from having success earlier on was not focusing on building an audience?
(1:45:58) Should I create multiple lead magnets for each area of the business or focus on one?
(1:50:24) I'm going through ASM. In the stage now of gathering a few reviews before starting the official launch. Is next week (relative to Q4) a bad time to launch for any reason? I have 157 units in stock.
(1:52:16) When do you know when you should hire a VA and do you recommend Philippines or someone local?
(1:52:48) How do you get over fear of rejection or failure?