The Dream 100: How To Find And Attract Your Dream Customers

In this session, Stefan talks about the Dream 100. This is the process of how to identify, find, and attract your dream customers. We all want to acquire more customers in our businesses. The process in this lesson is very important for all business owners to gain clarity on who our ideal customer is and how to find them.

Resources Mentioned In This Lesson

Questions I Answered During The Q&A

(0:42:08) If I want to save time, would it be convenient to retake previous videos already made and just put them together or it would be better to create three or five new videos specifically for one post?
(0:48:59) Any tips and tricks so I can reproduce my content from one format to another?
(0:54:40) Do you recommend focusing on building a personal brand or a business brand?
(1:00:41) How can I approach an Instagram influencer?